Wednesday Prompt Smash: Fail

A/N: So this week I’m late getting this done, I’ve been working a lot so haven’t been feeling as creative. Anyway without further ado you can find Tim’s work at

Prompt: Every time I feel like I am getting good at something, I fail.

Word Limit: 300 words

It wasn’t fair, I just couldn’t win.

“Real promise in that one,”

“Wouldn’t be surprised if they went on to serve,”

When I had started out here people had such high hopes for me. And yet here I was, letting everybody down.

“Looks like she’s failed, again.”

“And here she was looking like such a good choice to begin with.”

I exit the arena, shoulders slumped. I’m supposed to be good at this; I spent so much time training. After months of being top ranked I have plummeted, and it’s not because the others have gotten better.

“And I thought she was meant to be good at this”

“She was? It seems like she’s failed every time we’ve gone into the testing grounds.”

I try to stifle my crying. Hot water pours over me; I can’t let anyone see me like this. It’s bad enough they all know I’m a failure, but if they knew that I cried about my failures then they’d never relent their teasing.

“Did you see that blunder yesterday?”

“So stupid, anyone could have seen that there was a trap there.”

“I know, it wasn’t even well concealed.”

Small, stupid little mistakes. Human error, that’s what it was called the first time I made a blunder and failed.

“It was just human error; anyone could have missed the signs.”

“Not a chance, once maybe but five times?”

Maybe it’s time I just gave up and moved on to something else, not that I’ll ever find something I’m good at. Perhaps it’s time I gave up entirely. After all it seems like every time I feel I’m getting good at something, I fail.


Words: 276 words


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