Saturday Word of the Day: Argy-Bargy

*Argy-bargy: a vigorous discussion or dispute

“What’s all the argy-bargy about?” Asked Helena as she sat down to join her family at dinner.

“Edward is in arms again about how the church controls everything, papa is just trying to preach the ways of god and Danny wants to go to England to study even though he could go university here.” Replied Meredith.

“Look at Dan’s face, he’s turning blue from all that yelling.” Chimed Louisa from across the table.

“I do wish we could go just one day without them kicking up a fuss.” Mother sighed as she served the girls their meals.

“But without the regular argy-bargy how would we know they were alive?” Joked Meredith and the all the girls broke out in laughter, this in turn caused the men to stop arguing if only for the briefest of moments before they started up again.

“Why on earth would you want to go to university, it’s all controlled by the church!”

“The church helps us all, its a noble pursuit to further oneself. But can’t you do that here, in Scotland. Why do you need to go all the way to bloody England?”

“To broaden my horizons, we can’t all be content with this abysmal existence!”

And so continued the family’s evening ritual.



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