Wednesday Prompt Smash: Broken Plate

A/N: So I’m getting back on time with writing these again J

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Prompt: Broken Plate

Word Limit: 300 words

There was porcelain all over the ground, porcelain flecked with blood. The whole room was as quiet as if nobody was there, as if it were an abandoned home.

“I don’t understand why everything has to be an argument with you!”

“Because you never understand!”

The yelling had been an integral part of life in the home. Everyone was used to it, she would tell him to do something and then he would start an argument. Of course sometimes it seemed that she was just keen to argue.

But then that day came, the day when the yelling reached a crescendo.

“Why don’t you ever listen?”

“Because you never say anything worth listening to!”

Rising, rising, the sound kept rising. Nothing else could be heard above the yelling. It was like a sickening orchestra of sounds unfurling.

“Why can’t you just do what I ask!?”

“Because I’m not a SLAVE!”

The other members of the household dared not leave their rooms, dared not risk getting caught in the crossfire.

“I thought you LOVED me!”

“What would ever give you that idea! As if someone like me could ever love you.”

And then it came.



“Are you CRAZY!”


“What do you think you are doing-“


The yelling had stopped, so had the sounds. Slowly curiosity ate away at the residents of the house and one by one they creeped out of their rooms and down to the place where the yelling had been. It was the kitchen.

She stood there in shock, saying nothing. He was slumped against the cupboards, clutching his forehead which was dripping blood.

The other residents said nothing; slowly they took in the scene before them. The shards of porcelain on the floor, the blood.

Nobody said a word, they all just slowly left the room.


Words: 304 words


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