Wednesday Prompt Smash: Get In

A/N: That’s right even though I’m partaking in writing 101 I’ll still be keeping up with my regular projects. For my friend Tim’s work please visit

Prompt: “Get in,” he ordered

Word Limit: 200 words

“Get in,” he ordered.

“But Dad,” I whined

He gave me a stern look and pointed to the car, “Get in, it wasn’t a suggestion.”

I slum my shoulders and get into the back of the police cruiser.

Detective Cody Morse (Dad) was not in a good mood. Though I guess most detectives aren’t in good moods when they bust up a rave and find their adolescent child there.

“What exactly do you think you were doing?”

“Partying?” I’m never too sure of how or if I’m even supposed to answer dad’s questions.

“You are so lucky,”

“Um… how?” I can’t really see how it’s lucky that I got busted at a rave, which most certainly had drugs circling.

“You’re lucky that I was in the squad that busted up that rave, otherwise you’d be looking at a long night in a cell.”

“oh” I’m still not sure if that would have been worse than this, worse than dad catching me and lecturing me and probably grounding me for eternity.

“You’re also lucky that you tested fine.”

“Yep, I like to party but I don’t partake in the forbidden substances!” At least not when I get to the rave just before it is busted, I didn’t have time for anything.

“Yeah right.” And I guess dad’s not buying my act.

Words: 220 words


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