Writing 101: Day 3- One-word Inspiration

Day 3: One-word inspiration

A/N: So for today’s writing 101 post I have to choose one-word to work off as a prompt from a list of six words, they are all pretty great words (treasure, regret, home, love, uncertainty, secret) but for the sake of this exercise I’m going to go with Uncertainty. Also I’m going to be using some characters that have cropped up in a couple of my word of the day posts (see Galoot,ย Boobook, and Astir) who are formally known to me as the inhabitants of Witches Hollow which one day I may right at length about.

Sellie was not prepared, not prepared at all. She had left the house in a hurry because she had been late, and you certainly did not want to be late for meeting the one and only High Sorceress Melisandre Wolsmitt. Being late after all would create a bad first impresson.

Of all the things that had occurred in her life there was seldom much that Sellie felt uncertain about. She had been uncertain about befriending her room-mate in college, which had turned out to be something she most certainly shouldn’t have bothered about because Danica had never had the slightest want to be friends.

Uncertainty had plagued her about starting up her own business, but that had worked out quite well and she was now the foremost supplier of Golems to all of Witches Hollow. And lastly she’d been uncertain about going on a date with her handyman, but Charon as it turned out whilst not a strong warlock was actually the son of none other than Melisandre Wolsmitt.

And now, now she was uncertain about meeting his mother. “What if she doesn’t like me?” Sellie kept thinking to herself, “She’sย the High Sorceress, she’s not going to be impressed by my simple magic.” And then rather than focusing on the fact she was the High Sorceress, Sellie began focusing on the fact that she was Charon’s mother.

“Oh what if sheย really doesn’t like me? What if she makes him stop seeing me? What if I ruin everything and Charon never talks to me again?”

Her mind was plagued with such thoughts as she reached the restaurant, on time but with no concealer spells on and in a dress that was slightly wrinkled as she hadn’t had time to iron it. And then she went inside, and looking around she panicked a little as she walked to the table and sat down.

“Maybe we should have rescheduled, I’m not prepared for this at all.” she whispered to herself.

“Relax, Sellie. Mother will love you.” Charon softly kissed her cheek and took her hand when she sat down beside him, and suddenly all that uncertainty was gone.



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