Writing 101: Day 4- A story in a single image


A/N: So today’s writing 101 task is to get inspired by an image, there were lots of nice images to choose from but I decided to go with this one of the window. So without further ado let’s start the story.

Outside the window there was an endless world of possibilities, but that was just it- they were outside the window. The world was out there and I was in here, trapped for all eternity.

The person who had built this prison for me, they must have had a cruel streak. What kind of sick, sadistic person makes a trap with a window?

It was mocking me, constantly I would stare out the window in longing at the world I could not partake in. Out there people were happy, out there were people. In here, in this prison, there was no one. My life was doomed to be a lonely one, a terribly boring life,

How desperately I longed to be free, to explore the world outside the window, but alas a demon such as I was never to taste such freedom. And so it is as a thousand years has gone by, that I sit here and continue only to stare outside the window.



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