Writing 101: Day 5- Let Social Media Inspire You

So for today’s Writing 101 exercise we are meant to let social media inspire us and respond to a tweet, in whatever way we want. I chose this tweet because it really speaks to me.

As a writer I’m always secretly questioning myself, but if anyone I know ever happens to complement me I’ll just respond all cocky “I know I’m Amazing.” It’s like a self-defence reflex, I must make sure that nobody can tell I’m insecure in my passion.

Whereas if somebody should critique or worse just bash my writing with no real premise, it is like instant shame and I’ll just respond “oh, yeah, I know it needs work.” or “yeah, I’m not very good.” Which makes no sense whatsoever because I’m actually pretty proud of my writing skills, though I’ve kind of learnt I have to be my own confidence endorser.

Which brings me back to this tweet, because yes I have found myself saying those exact words to myself in private but I’ve also told myself countless times that:

“I’m inspirational.”

“Some of my stuff is actually fantastic and I can’t believe I wrote that, like I want to read this.”

“These characters are so great, I wish they were real.”

“I’m actually kind of talented at this.”

“This should be published, this is amazing.”

I guess what I’m trying to say in response to this tweet is that yeah as a writer it can be hard, but you have to remember while you will be your own worst critic you can also be your number one fan and there is nothing wrong with that. To each and every writer out there: “You are amazing and good on you for being passionate. Kudos on the hard work, you deserve to be happy and enjoy yourself. Writing isn’t easy for anyone, but it should be fun!”


3 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day 5- Let Social Media Inspire You

  1. I like the part about “some of this stuff is fantastic and I can’t believe I wrote that.” Hopefully every writer experiences that at some point! I think it’s proof of true raw talent. Writing something that’s less than your best doesn’t make you a bad writer. Sometimes you have to tear it down and take it in a different direction to get a piece where you want it to go.

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