Writing 101: Day 6- The Space to write

So for writing 101 today we are meant to write about our writing space; where we write, what tools we use, etc. Well for me I like to write in the safety and comfort of my home, preferably my bedroom. I have a small laptop that I use for the majority of my writing and I usually sit with that on my bed and just type.

However sometimes I do change mediums and scenery, for example the word of the day posts I do every Saturday are often written up on my phone due to the dictionary.com app that I get the word of the day off being on there. Or for my personal projects I’ll write in one of my many notebooks using a pen, this is good because it also lets me draw things as I try to visualise them.

As for what I need when I’m writing it is quite simple, peace and few distractions. When I write I like to stretch out on my mattress and have some music playing, preferably music that suits the scene I’m trying to create so that it can fuel my inspiration. I’m more of a write in the moment person than a meticulous planner so I like to really get into it and know that I’m not going to have to stop till I’m ready. That doesn’t mean I can’t plan out my stories though, for big projects I like to try and work on the planning though sometimes planning gets boring and all I want to do is write and bring things to life.

I think that about sums up my writing space, though sometimes I also enjoy the company of my dogs when I’m writing and I also like to write with soft lighting in the room or natural light. And that’s it, that’s my space to write and a few extra details.

*EDIT: I totally missed the part where they said to insert a poll for today’s post so please find the poll now inserted below.


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