Writing 101: Day 7- Hook ’em with a quote

It is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all.

– William Shakespeare

A/N: For today’s exercise we are meant to start with a quote so I’ve decided to use an old favourite of mine.

People talk a lot about love, about being in love and not being in love, Marcy found it rather frustrating that all her friends wanted to talk about was finding love. Bill found it frustrating that he was the only one of his friends interested in finding love. Was it any wonder that when they found each other it was the very definition of opposites attract?

Anyone who knew Marcy could of told you they were doomed to fail right from the start, anyone who knew Bill would of said anything could happen. They were two extremely different people, with different goals. Marcy just wanted to get laid and Bill just wanted someone to come home too, now normally these two wants could of worked together but just not in this instance.

When it ended there were a lot of tears, on both ends. However both of them were stronger for the experience, once they moved on.



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