Wednesday Prompt Smash: Door Left Open

Prompt: Door Left Open

Word Limit: 300 words

The Mar household was a strict one; there were countless rules that the children had to obey. For the five children this wasn’t so easy, but overtime they learnt it was better to do as told then to not. This is why they played together, as long as they were all accounted and they all watched each other then they couldn’t possibly break the rules. For one child to break the rules was for all five to be punished.

Mrs Mar had ten key rules that under any circumstance must not be broken;

  1. No running in the house
  2. No opening closed doors (this included their bedroom doors they were to wait till mother or father opened the door)
  3. Chores must be done before playing
  4. Do not disturb mother during the hours of 12 and 3
  5. Never speak to father unless spoken to
  6. No raising of voices
  7. No pets (this included insects in jars, fish or any small critter)
  8. Never answer the door (this would break rule 2 and that was not allowed)
  9. Do not ask for anything
  10. Wash up before meals

Rule 2 was very hard to resist breaking, and made the children feel very dull for often they never got to leave their bedrooms except for meals. It also made them very curious, as the doors to outside be always shut. The children would peek out the windows for fun or read books about plants just to know what they looked like.

And then one day there it was, the back door was ajar. All five of them were trembling with curiosity, but also filled with nerves. The back door was never open; in fact it was locked with a dead-bolt always, what did this mean? But still here was a chance to explore outside, after all the door was left open.


Words: 313 words

A/N: Check out Tim’s work.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt Smash: Door Left Open

    1. I’m not really sure, part of me thinks they found all the beauty and wonder the world can offer and then another part of me thinks not so pleasant thoughts. So for now I leave it up to you the reader to decide.

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