Writing 101: Day 8- Expand a comment

So for writing 101 today we are meant to expand on a comment we’ve made on someone else’s work, to expand upon the conversation. This really got me thinking, I haven’t left a lot of comments or looked around other blogs that much though I’ve started to do so a lot more now that I’m taking writing 101. Writing 101 has really helped me so far with expanding my writing skills and exploring the wonders of Word Press.

For example yesterday I was reading through some of the posts in writing 101 and I came across this fantastic piece on the blog My Own Private Idaho, it was really personal and about her younger sister. I’m really close to my family and having a sibling of my own I’m always extremely touched to hear about loving sibling relationships, though I prefer not to talk about my own personal affairs, anyway reading the story I was filled with a deep respect for the writer and that prompted me to comment.

I’m really glad I did comment and voiced my respect for the writer because even though I’m a writer I always forget that other people like to get feedback on their writing, I guess it comes from the fact I’m not used to getting much feedback myself. Anyway I really look up to people who are able to be so strong as to share their own personal stories, for me I feel much safer just sharing the musings of my mind.


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