Writing 101: Day 9- Reinvent the letter format

To my younger self,

Me at the young age between 5 and 10, you were a star. A friendly, bubbly, kindly star who was perfectly innocent. You are a stand-out part of my life, the one time when people around me didn’t consider me as smart. Never feel bad that you take supplementary classes, that you needed learning aid, as I now know many things and have helped teenagers who much like me needed just a little support. You are my youngest memories and I cherish you, whilst at times I am ashamed that you could often be a little liar I know without you I would not have become who I am today.

My lovely teenage self in High School, you were beautiful and weird and I love you. Sometimes I look back at you and think “god what was I thinking” but other times I do things and I know you’d think the exact same about me.  You had a wonderful craving to read everything, and such a soft side though you never showed it. I know life was hard for you, dealing with so many drastic changes in our life, such as mum and dad separating, but you did really well. For some reason you always had a plan and some sort of organisation, I envy you for that as I no longer no where my life is taking me but you had such crystal clear vision.

Myself from just a few years ago when I was at University, what I wouldn’t do to have been you for just a little longer. You were fiercely social compared to me now, always trying to find time for friends. And you were motivated and driven, you took part in social clubs and won awards for being supportive. Much like my child self you were a bubble of positivity and through you I experienced the closest thing to being in love, your passion for one person and desires for their happiness stays with me even now. Thank you for creating some of the best memories of my life, I treasure them deeply.

I love you so much dear younger me, never doubt that you are anything but special.


Your Older Self (Sasha Hanton)


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