Writing 101: Day 10- Over a cup of coffee

If we are having coffee right now then I’m probably telling you about my plans. How I’m taking writing 101 and trying out new things on WordPress, how I’m really happy at the progress my blog is making and to be getting such positive responses to my writing. I’m probably taking a good long sip of my coffee, really savouring it and then going on to tell you what I’m trying to do. Filling you in on  how I’m going to participate in NANOWRIMO this year and giving you all the gossip on my idea for it.

My coffee cup is probably rested on a coaster in front of me while I explain, vividly moving my hands to try and express my idea. You are probably nodding in silence as you listen, waiting for me to take a breath, and then you probably ask what else I’m doing. And I’m probably saying I don’t know and telling you “I’m thinking of taking a screen-writing class.”

If we are having coffee right now I’m most likely on my second cup, and mumbling about how I’m not happy in my job but I like my co-workers. Discussing how I really want to work in editing and publishing, how I want to finish writing out one of my stories so I can try and get it published. I probably sound really positive and like I know what I’m doing,  but really I’m not. Deep in side I’m wondering if I’ll reach my goal, thinking about all my recent mistakes and dreading going back to work.

As we near the end of our coffee date I’m probably talking about my dogs, and my family. Or maybe I’m asking about you and how you’ve been. If we are having coffee right now I’ve probably told you a lot but I’ve probably not told you even more.


5 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day 10- Over a cup of coffee

  1. I liked it! You may want to take out (or change to a different word) “probably,” unless you’re using it continually on purpose. It was a bit distracting. Otherwise, great job–I could imagine it easily. Nice last line. 🙂

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