Writing 101: Day 11- Writing and Not writing

A/N: So today for writing 101 we are meant to talk about what we do when we are not writing, well for me that entails quite a bit.

Even though I’m a writer actual writing only takes up a small portion of my time, though I often wish I spent more time on my writing. I currently work casually in customer service, so for four days of the week I spend the vast majority of my time sleeping and working. Work actually helps with my writing though, it gives me ideas and experience. On my workdays when I’m done working I often spend time watching TV shows or playing video games, if I’ve just purchased a new book I’ll read.

My days off from work aren’t too different, but I also try and help out around the house as I live with my family. I’ll book time with my friends every few months to hang out or go shopping, most of my friends live interstate and my close by friends are introverts just like me so we don’t need to see each other much. If my dogs are in need of a wash or a visit to the vet I’ll get those done on my days off.

Sometimes when I’m not writing I’m drawing, I like to try and visually create my characters (though I’m only good at drawing girls and I’m not really too great at that either). Or I might just voice my ideas to the void, speaking to myself often helps me create and shape ideas, hearing my voice out loud really helps to cement ideas in my memory (though I’ll also write them down if they are really good).

I like to read for inspiration, though I don’t draw from stories for inspiration any more as it influences my story too much. What I like to do is thoroughly research history and mythology for stories, though in the end I often write whatever I feel like.

When I’m not writing I’m really just being me and being me is hard to describe because while sometimes I’m predictable and boring at other times I’ll do something completely unexpected.


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