Writing 101: Day 12- Play with word count

A/N: So for writing 101 today we are meant to play with word counts, if we usually write short posts to write something long and vice versa. This is a little tough for me seeing as I already do a lot of experimenting with word counts, I actually have a category specifically for word counts and sub-categories for varying lengths, usually I write short stories between the 100-500 mark. Also if you frequent my blog you’ll know I do a prompt based piece every Wednesday, for these my friend Tim gives me the prompt and a word limit so I’m often switching up the length of my pieces. Anyway for today’s exercise I’m going to try writing something in the 1000 words range so hold onto your hats and away we go.

The train was going fast, so fast I could barely believe it. Scenery dashed by before I could register it, everything melded into one big whoosh of wind and colour. This was it, this is what I had been dreaming of, the adventure, the excitement, all the fantastic new experiences and it all would begin here on this train. I had barely hoped to dream before that I could actually do this, that I could go out and see the world.

“Lilia, come back inside… it’s not safe to just stand on the platform.” Lionel called to me from the carriage doors, and the wind twirled my skirt around as I looked at him.

“But Lionel the wind is sooo nice out here, and it feels so much more real then just looking out a window.”

“That’s nice and all but we are on a moving train, please just come inside where it is safe,”

“Aww, you’re no fun Lionel.” I pout a little before conceding to his pleas and going inside. The carriage is not exciting, but I suppose it is rather beautiful. We are in a private carriage for our journey, Maurice says its not wise to travel openly and that at least we should separate ourselves from the common folk, but I feel it would be far more interesting if we were in a shared carriage.

“I see you’ve rejoined us Lilia, get bored of the wind and bugs?” Maurice is prickly, he’s always making snide remarks and chastising me. However I don’t dislike him, he is after all the whole reason I am on this trip, getting to realise my dreams.

“No, Lionel begged me to come back in so I did.”

“What a good girl, always doing as you are told.” Then again sometimes he really irked me.

Rather than responding to Maurice I just took my seat, I have learnt over the past few days to never engage with Maurice as his tongue is quicker and sharper than mine. Lionel on the other hand, who takes a seat next to me, is a soft-hearted and kindly fellow. How Lionel and Maurice became acquainted I don’t think I’ll ever know, they are both rather secretive about their lives before the journey.

It’s a rather special journey, Maurice is an emissary for the King with the duty of escorting the Princess to the Kingdom of Florine where her betrothed is. That’s really as far as my knowledge of Maurice goes, even the Princess won’t tell me anything about him though she is quite happy to share details about herself. The Princess Maureen loves birds and kittens, she tends to flowers in her spare time and her favourite colour is ‘cream’, not that any of it is useful information but at least it is something.

You are probably wondering how a girl like me ended up on such a journey and with such people, you’re probably thinking ‘she must be some kind of noble or a skilled fighter? Perhaps a mage.’ But you are wrong, I am just a simple girl from a simple background. Really Maurice only let me come along because the Princess needed company, I was just a lucky girl who got chosen from among the masses. It doesn’t sound great but for me it was amazing, being chosen finally gave me the chance to leave my home and to see the world, it was the opportunity of a lifetime and I got it.


My eyes slowly, drowsily open. I must of fallen asleep, I take note of my surroundings.

“So it wasn’t a dream,” I breathe a sigh of relief as my eyes roam around the train carriage, at least it was a sigh of relief until I really notice my surroundings. There’s nobody in the carriage, there’s no feeling of movement, the train has stopped and my companions are gone. “What’s going on?”

I rise from my seat and search under the seats, in the overhead compartments, all the luggage is gone. “Where did everyone go?”

My feet take me to the doors, I step out on the platform and I see the outside world. However we’re not at a station, it is just an empty landscape all around except for a few trees. What has happened? Where are my companions? Did they leave me? My head is pounding as I try to figure things out as I search in my mind for some possibility, for an answer to all my questions.

What should I do? I collapse on the hard floor of the platform, its hot and my skirt is getting dirty but I don’t care. This was meant to be fun, an adventure, but now its not its just lonely. “Where are you guys? Lionel, Maurice, Princess Maureen!” I cry out into the void.

Slowly it gets too hot to sit on the platform and I resign myself to searching the other carriages, there are six in total so maybe the others are in one of them? Inch by inch I search each carriage until finally I come to the final carriage and that’s when I see it. Nothing could of prepared me for this, not in a million years.

I had read about this in books, in magical tomes when I had thought about learning to be a mage but I had never thought to actually see it. “So this is what happened,”

There in front of my eyes was a pulse bomb, I and the train for some reason have been transported to a void landscape with no chance of return to the true realm. Why did this happen? Why am I the only one who was transported here? Is this to be my life from now on?


A/N: So that’s 961 words for the story and you dear reader can decide for yourself how you think it goes on.


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