Wednesday Prompt Smash: Pepsi- Dragon Twist

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Prompt: Pepsi- Dragon Twist

Word Limit: 400 words

“This tastes like ass,”

“Expensive ass.”

“It’s delicious, you guys. This is the world’s best soft drink.”

“Is he being a pretentious nutter again?”

“Yeah, I think he is.”

“Man it costs seven dollars for this soda, seven dollars and it tastes like ass.”

“It costs seven dollars because it tastes amazing!”

The girls rolled their eyes at Corey, this was going nowhere.

“Corey, let’s be real it tastes like ass. Just because you were stupid enough to buy a whole carton of this weird stuff doesn’t mean you have to be stupid enough to defend it.”

“It’s Pepsi: Dragon Twist and it tastes AMAZING!”

“You have totally lost it man.”

There was more eye rolling.

“It does not, and I’m not drinking it.”

“Why exactly would you even think it tastes amazing? Like seriously it is so not worth $7 a can.”

“It has DRAGON blood in it! That is the secret ingredient and that is why it tastes amazing and is more than worth $7!”

“Corey, man you’re insane.”

With that the girls put down their soda cans on the coffee table and left. Corey remained in the room and sluggishly turned on the TV.

A blaze of red, blue and white swirled on the TV screen in the form of a dragon while a happy, perky girl voiced over it:

“Pepsi: Dragon Twist! Embrace the beast, Embrace the flavour!”

Corey sipped away at his soda.

“yeah embrace the beast, embrace the flavour. They’ll come around.”


The girls walked home in silence, they were rather moody people. Twins who shared almost everything, including taste. They were not impressed with how their friend Corey was insistent on having them like Pepsi: Dragon Twist.

“Why can’t he just drink Coca Cola?”

“Or you know regular Pepsi?”

“Yeah, why can’t he just be normal?”

“Because he’s a snob.”


They rolled their eyes.

“Why do we even bother being friends with him?”

“I don’t know.”

As they arrived home they were surprised to see a box of Pepsi: Dragon Twist on their doorstep.

“Eww gross,”

“Why is their ass drink on our doorstep?”

They remarked as they moved around it, but then in the back of their minds there was a craving.

“Actually you know maybe we should try it again?”

“Yeah, it’s weird but I feel like we need to drink it.”

“Embrace the beast.”

“Embrace the flavour.”

They cracked open a few cans of the fizzy drink and went inside, shortly after they came back out and pulled the whole box inside.

Words: 423 words


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