Writing 101: Day 13- Compose a series of vignettes

A/N: So I’m not really sure how I’ll go with this task but here it goes.

Her gown was dripping red. What a pretty colour thought the man as he laid upon the floor boards, such a nice contrast between the scarlet on the aquamarine. He was feeling woozy, and rather faint, and it was getting hard to focus. But he could see her dress, and the colours as she towered over him. “This is for Freddy!” he heard her scream, and then he stopped seeing and hearing and just being in general.

“This is Dr Leonard Melwet, he was found dead this morning by his wife Shannon.” Detective Morris was briefed as he reached the scene of the crime, the poor doctor’s corpse looked kind of peaceful laying their on the floor. That is if you ignored the slits on his wrists and throat and then ignored the dent in his forehead where it appeared someone had tried to bash his skull in. “Any suspects yet?” “None yet, though Detective Jones reckons it was the widow.” “Any reason for that?”

“She looks guilty,” Detective Jones remarked to his partner as the stood on the other side of window watching her interview. “A name like Shannon, doesn’t really sound guilty though.” “Her clothes were covered in his blood.” “He was bleeding out all over the floor, of course her clothes are soaked in his blood.” “Fine, I guess we’ll have to find some more definitive proof.” “You’re that certain she’s guilty?” “I sure am.”

“Shannon’s your suspect?” she didn’t know what to say, her neighbour’s had seemed like such a happy couple. “I can’t see her doing such a thing, I mean what reason would she have? They were perfectly happy together, why I never even heard one argument from them.” It was true, their house had always been rather quiet.

“Sir we’re here in regards to your daughter,” The old man tentatively opened the door. “What about my Shannon?” “Her husband’s been murdered, we wanted to know a bit more about their relationship.” “Well they were happy, I mean they never thought… not even after Freddy’s accident.” “Whose Freddy?” “Why my son, Shannon loved her brother dearly. Sadly he passed away after a motor vehicle accident, Leonard was driving and they had a crash. Leonard tried to save Freddy with his skills as a doctor, called an ambulance too but unfortunately my poor Freddy didn’t make it. But still Shannon never blamed Leonard, she loved him.”

“They found the murder weapon.” “Did they?” Mr Drufflidge didn’t really want to tell his client this news, but he supposed it had to be done. “It’s a letter opener, and it’s covered in your fingerprints.” “So? If it came from my house of course it would have my fingerprints, the killer probably wore gloves. Anyway I don’t have any motive for killing my husband, its preposterous that anyone could possibly think I did it.”

Shannon Melwet was shocked as the detectives slammed cuffs around her wrists. “What is the meaning of this?” “You’re under arrest for the murder of your husband Dr Leonard Melwet.” “What? But I didn’t have any reason-” “Freddy Arge, you’re younger brother who died in a car accident, you blamed Leonard for not being able to save him.” For a while she put up a fight and denied it but eventually she grew tired and admitted to her crime. It had always been her favourite dress, that pretty aquamarine, until she had died it red in her husband’s blood.


8 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day 13- Compose a series of vignettes

    1. Thank you, it’s the first time I’ve written anything murder mystery related even though I love the genre, I wasn’t sure how this would turn out but the response has been really positive so I’m happy I gave it a go.

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