Writing 101: Day 14- Recreate a single day

0.00 am: My head hits the pillow, I pull up my covers and shut my eyes

0.30 am: I open my eyes, I can’t sleep. I get out of bed and get a glass of water.

1.00 am: I got caught up in a conversation with my night owl room-mate, now I have finally arrived back at my room.

2.00 am: I’m still awake, I’ve been staring at the ceiling for the past hour. “Why can’t I sleep?” I begin talking to myself, trying to figure out what could possibly be keeping me awake.

3.00am: “40, 41, 42, baa, 43, 44, 45, baa, 46…” I’ve resorted to counting sheep in an attempt to lull myself to sleep, though so far it doesn’t seem to be working.

4.00am: My eyes are heavy, I yawn and slowly everything goes dark.

4.30am: I’m running through a meadow, all around me there is colour.

5.00am: darkness.

6.00am: There are explosions going off around me, I’m covered in blood. I’m running and running, where am I running to?

7.00am: “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!” My eyes peel open, I give the alarm clock a nasty glare and hit snooze.

7.30am: There is a repeat of the alarm clock’s onslaught, I hit snooze ferociously.

8.00am: A third performance by my nemesis. This time I turn it off and peel my eyes open, I walk to the bathroom and splash my face with cold water. “Ugh.”

8.30am: I have managed to get some clothing on, with luck it is my work uniform. I amble to the kitchen and pour cornflakes into a bowl before soaking them in milk. “Morning,” my room-mate calls out, did she go to sleep yet? who knows. “Urgh,” I grunt in response and turn on the kettle.

9.00am: My coffee thermos in hand I rush through the doors to my workplace, “Sorry I’m late.” That’s a lie, I’m not really sorry after all I could have been on time if I woke up on time but I much prefer my sleep. “No worries Cass, we only just opened.”

10.00am: It’s a slow going start to the day, the phones aren’t ringing and there’s only been one or two customers come to the register so far. Man am I bored. I head into the back office to have a chat with my co-workers.

10.30am: The phone starts ringing, ugh jinxed it earlier. I shuffle out to my desk and answer “Hi Jim’s Hardware, this is Cass. How may I help you?”

11.00am: That customer just would not shut up, I don’t even really understand their problem but I think I managed to get it sorted out. Whatever, I better get a cup of coffee.

12.00pm: “I’m taking my break!” I yell while halfway out the door, “OK!” responds my co-worker. I hit a button on my phone to start a timer and walk out the doors, now to decide what I’m getting for lunch.

12.25pm: Could this line move any slower? my break is almost over and I’m still waiting to get food. “Ugh,” I sigh and grab my phone. “Hey Lorrie, I’m stuck in line at Macca’s trying to get my lunch. Looks like I might take a while, do you want anything?” This is a bit of a gimmick, if I get my co-worker some lunch they can’t be mad that my break went over.

12.45pm: Back at work and sipping down the last of my orange juice while I dip a chicken nugget in some sweet and sour sauce, it might not be healthy but it is delicious. “Thanks for getting me lunch Cass,” my co-worker says as they begin unwrapping their burger.

1.00pm: I’m on the phone again listening to some lady complain about how she ordered the wrong tool set, lady you should have read the receipt or better yet looked at the product. People are so stupid.

2.00pm: On my second cup of coffee, I’m secretly stalking the attractive customers with my eyes. Though when one comes up to the counter it soon becomes apparent that just like most customers they are a jerk.

3.00pm: “How is it only 3?” “I don’t know Cass, its a slow day.” “I’m gonna go count some of the stock in the storeroom, page me if it actually gets busy.” Counting stock is just my way of saying I’m going to pretend I am working but secretly I’ll just be playing games on my phone where nobody can see me.

4.00pm: Only one more hour to go, I better return to the office and help get ready for closing. I shuffle back to the registers and start closing one of them.

5.00pm: Done, shop closed and customers gone. I rush out the door like a lightning bolt. “FREEDOM!” I scream at the top of my lungs.

5.30pm: My keys are so stupid, which one even opens this door? I struggle to find the right key for my front door. “Is it this weird pink one?”

6.00pm: I can’t believe it’s 6 already, it feels like I only just got home. There’s a rattling and an exasperated grunt, I peer out of my room into the corridor to see my room-mate and some jerky guy she sleeps with occasionally, they are making out and stumbling their way towards her room. I decide to close and lock my door for safety.

7.00pm: I can hear them, still. It doesn’t seem like they made it to her room. I am afraid to leave my room, but I’m really hungry. For now I’ll play some Harvest Moon on my DS, they have to stop soon, right?

8.00pm: They are still being noisy, but this is it I can’t hold out any longer. I need to feed! Slowly I unlock my door and look into the hallway, good news is they aren’t just going at it on the hallway floor- maybe they are in her room.

8.30pm: They are definitely not in her room, I stare on in shock horror at what I have found in the kitchen. They haven’t even noticed me watching yet, I should leave. I can order a pizza, but I’m kind of broke till pay-day and spent the last of my spare cash at lunch. I clear my throat, “Uh guys can you please take this somewhere else? Like not in the kitchen, maybe in your room.”

9.00pm: It can never be unseen, is what I think as I stir the pot of pasta I have cooking now that the kitchen is free. I am avoiding all the surfaces I can, I do not know what naked body parts have touched them. “I hope they didn’t try anything with the utensils.”

10.00pm: I have eaten my pasta, I am now having a shower and staring into space trying to forget what I saw. I can still hear them somewhat and it is disturbing,

11.00pm: It was a long shower, and my water bill will pay for it but it was necessary. I feel so nice and refreshed as I change into my jammies. “I think I’ll watch an episode of Elementary before bed.” So I set up the TV in my room.

0.00am: I have just turned off the TV, I slowly get into bed and switch off my lights. As my head hits the pillow I am ready to embrace sleep, but that’s when I hear the noises. They are still going at it, are they completely inhuman?

A/N: So this is a short story I’ve done for today’s writing 101 exercise, I hope you enjoyed it.


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