Writing 101: Day 16- Search your stats for post ideas

A/N: So for today’s writing 101 exercise we are meant to search our blog’s statistics for inspiration, I decided to take inspiration from the search terms section of my stats to see what searches bring people to my blog and I noticed a lot of the search terms there where about Pigsney. The word Pigsney is by definition a darling, its a doting word of affection and it was one of my Saturday Word of the Day posts. So for that reason for today’s exercise I’m going to be expanding on said post.

Blossom was a cheeky girl, always making the boys fall for her and crushing their hopes. However she did have a soft spot for one particular boy, Marvello. Marvello was a sweet lad with a poetic soul, always singing her ballads and telling her sweet nothings. He was ever so charming and sweet to Blossom, but he would never bring her any gifts and perhaps that was why she liked him so much.

Marvello would call her his Pigsney, and would chase after her whenever she ran off, he would cry for her not to run but keep chasing her anyway. It was a funny relationship that they had but a sweet one.


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