Writing 101: Day 19- Round-up of great reads

So for today’s writing 101 piece we were meant to feature a guest but I completely forgot to organise that so thankfully there was a second option. The second option is to create a round-up of great reads we’ve enjoyed this past week; seeing as I’ve been a bit distracted indulging in relaxation on my days off this won’t be very long (also I’m much more of a book reader than a blog or news article reader).

Anyway the first read for my round-up that you should definitely read if you too are female or identify as female or are interested in men (or you know whatever) is a fellow writing 101 participants piece for today. It’s called Someone to Hold By Marquessa Matthews and is the guest piece on the blog A Reading Writer which is a blog totally worth checking out, especially if you are into books.

Then there is this interesting article about non-monogamy, which I totally suggest reading. It can be found on the Everyday Feminism website and which I came across on a friend’s FaceBook page.

And lastly for those interested in animation and Chinese mythology check out this article on Little Door Gods. Little Door Gods is a Chinese animation film being released next year and the trailer is in the article so you should totally watch it, it looks amazing and adorable and I hope it does really well. Everything you need to know is pretty much in the article, which is over on Cartoon Brew.

And that’s it for my round-up on good reads, sorry it’s not that long. I restricted myself only to internet articles and blog pieces because that’s what the assignment suggested.


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