Wednesday Prompt Smash: Premature Party-Jaculation

A/N: Sorry I missed last weeks Wednesday Prompt Smash, I was super distracted and its been hard to get my prompts as I have to wait for Tim to send them to me and he’s currently road-tripping around America. Anyway here is this week’s piece and if you want to look at Tim’s work go no further.

Prompt: Premature Party-jaculation

Word Limit: 750 words

*Party-jaculation: leaving or being kicked out of a party.

Katie wasn’t one for parties, she didn’t like the loud music or the cringe-worthy dancing. She despised the stench of alcohol and fast food on people’s breath and the sweaty bodies. So why on earth did she find herself entering Emma Hawthorne’s house this Halloween night.


Emma Hawthorne held the best parties. She was a party goddess, there was always the hottest tunes playing and the sweetest spread of food. As a popular girl she had the choicest connections, everyone she invited had purpose. There was always minimal drama at her celebrations, nobody had a bad time when they went to her house- nobody. On that note Emma couldn’t help but notice Katie had arrived for the Halloween party, Katie Munroe.


She had tried to refuse the invitation, to worm her way out of going. And yet for some reason she had been unsuccessful, forcibly she had been dragged to the party by her so called friends. This was so not her scene, and she was so not looking forward to being surrounded by all the popular jerks from school. Katie was not impressed.


The Goth girl had the nerve to scowl, scowl and pout with crossed arms in the foyer. That would not do, it simply would not do.


Travis thought the Goth girl was cute. Definitely not someone he had expected to see at this party but cute. He kind of liked the scowl she was wearing and the harsh glare she was shooting at the party goers who were engaging her in conversation.


“You can’t just scowl and glare at everyone all night Katie!” Cynthia could explode, this was sooo Katie.

“Sure I can, I didn’t even want to come in the first place.”

“Katie,” Cynthia may have seemed like a happy, perky cheerleader but she was a demon when mad, “I swear to god Katie, if you complain about how I forced you hear one more time.”

“But you did.”



Everyone was staring at the cheerleader and the Goth girl, everyone was not having fun. Emma was seething, this was not how a perfect party went down and it certainly wasn’t something that happened at her parties.


Travis had to fight to contain his laughter as he watched the cheerleader get red in the face as she argued with the Goth girl. And then he almost completely lost it when Emma Hawthorn began to power walk towards the two.


“Hi Girls, what seems to be the matter?” Emma loudly asked in her peppiest tone as she cut between the two girls that were ruining her party. She had to stop this before the party really started, before the rebel kids showed up.

“What the f-ing H do you think you two are doing?” she hissed in a low tone so that only the two girls would hear.


What exactly was happening? Katie was confused because she was pretty sure Emma Hawthorn had just indirectly used swear words at her and become a two headed demon beast, which as far as she was aware Cynthia was the only girl at their school that did that. Maybe this is what all seemingly vapid girls were secretly like?


Cynthia could ring Emma’s neck, but that would not be appropriate behaviour for a guest.

“Hey E, we were just having a friendly argument. Sorry if it got a little heated, we’re like totally ok now so no biggie.” It wasn’t like Cynthia really needed to pretend to be peppy right at this moment, but it was probably the safest option as she didn’t want to completely ruin the party and have the most popular girl in school after vengeance.

“O-kay, but maybe like you two should head out early? I mean Katie you don’t seem to be having fun, maybe you’re unwell? You should totally not feel like you need to stay on my behalf, I just want everyone to be happy.”

That sneaky bitch was kicking them out of the party.


Emma was a master at kicking people out while making it seem like she wasn’t trying to kick them out but just looking out for them. And she most certainly wasn’t letting these party poopers stay.


The Goth girl and cheerleader were leaving, the party wasn’t even an hour in and the cutest girl was leaving? Travis was not going to stand for this. So he rushed out after them, lucky for him it looked like they were walking.

“Hey girls wait up,”

“What do you want?”

“You’re really leaving this early? It’s barely started.”

“Uh yeah.”

“Man talk about premature party-jaculation, I can’t believe a cute girl like you is just leaving so soon.”


Katie was not impressed, so she glared at the guy and looped her arm around Cynthia’s.

“Let’s go Cynth, this guy is giving me the creeps.” Cynthia chuckled and they walked away leaving the loser guy behind.


Words: 818 words


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