Saturday Word of the day: Fugleman

Fugleman: a leader or manager

“I want to speak with your fugleman!” Demanded the huffy fat woman in the purple dress.

“No problem ma’am,” Casey rolled her eyes as she turned to the pager, “Marcus to the front counter, Marcus.” 
“He’ll be with you shortly ma’am.” Casey addressed the customer before retreating into the solace of the office.

“Hello ma’am, I’m Marcus. Now what seems to be the problem?”

“This product you sold me doesn’t work!” Her pudgy hand waved a hot pink phone in Marcus’ face.

“Do you mind if I just take a quick look, I might be able to ascertain what the problem is.”

“I want a refund!” She demanded.

“Now ma’am there is a process to these things, please let me take a look at the phone.”

She growls and grumbles before handing over the phone. Marcus palms it gently, turning it over and removing the back. The battery is in the way so he gently removes it to reveal the phone is missing a SIM card. He places the battery back in and reattaches the back, then he turns it over and pushes the on button- the phone lights up and the screen reads ‘please insert SIM card‘.

“Ma’am may I ask if you have a SIM card here for the phone.”

“A whatsit?”

“A SIM card ma’am, have you bought a SIM card or did you buy this with a plan?”


“Ma’am the phone won’t work without a SIM card, surely this was explained to you?”

“No it wasn’t!” She snapped.

After about a half hour had gone by Casey looked out from the office to see Marcus leading the customer outside, problem solved.



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