Saturday Word of the Day: Mauka

*Mauka: (Hawaii) toward the mountains; inland

“You must journey to find the true meaning of life” The spirits in the mist’s voice echoed around her.

“But how? Where must a journey too?” She cried out to the enveloping darkness.

“Journey to the village of your ancestors and all will be clear!” The spirits roared.

“How do I get there? I don’t know who my ancestors were, where will I find them?”

“You must go Mauka!” The spirits shouted at her and then fwoosh the mist dissipated and the darkness gave way too day break.

“Mauka? That might be a direction but how far Mauka must I go? Spirits? Answer me!” She cried hopelessly as her knees gave out beneath and she collapsed on the sand, at least they hadn’t told her to go makai for surely she couldn’t get any closer to the ocean.



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