Wednesday Prompt Smash: Galactic Migration

A/N: Tim’s work

Prompt: Galactic Migration

Word Limit: 200 words

The Arasol were a beautiful race with their clear aquamarine skin and their four round eyes, beautiful but in danger. Every year the Arasol migrated from their native planet Iboon to the summer planet Solear, in the latter half of the Iboon year the planet became harsh and uninhabitable so it was necessary for the Arasol to migrate. Their migration route was the same every year, across the pebbled flow of long dead stars with a short stop on the dead planet Rikoth.

Of course they weren’t the only race that migrated from Iboon to Solear, that is why the migration was referred to as the great galactic migration, but they were the most vulnerable race in the migration. Every year the Arasol would be attacked by raiders, every year some would be killed and some taken to be sold as slaves, Arasols were considered gender fluid and so none were safe from the horrors of a raid. And yet every year, even as their species grew more endangered, they continued along the same route for their migration. Why? Why would they continue on the same route when they knew what would occur?

Words: 193 words


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