Wednesday Prompt Smash: Magic Throughout the Ages

A/N: So I’m feeling pretty proud that I’m managing to keep up my normal entries here and participate in NANOWRIMO. Thanks to all my readers for helping me keep my faith in my writing ability and for following my writing here it means a lot. As per usual you can fin Tim’s work here.

Prompt: Magic throughout the ages

Word Limit: 400 words

Since the dawn of time there has been magic, the sparks of the ethereal. Of course magic didn’t reach recorded history until humans learnt to use it, to master the art of the divine. However magic was utilised long before humans existed, proof of this can be found in the behaviours of animals, specifically animals with strong ties to prehistoric creatures. The use of magic by crocodiles and alligators to create air bubbles around their heads whilst diving deep to drown their prey and the use of magic to read wind currents utilised by birds particular are evidence of this.

As the world developed so did magic, and all the creatures of the land slowly evolved to utilise one form of magic or another. Humans alas whilst feeling themselves the greatest masters of magic were the last species of the planet to evolve to use magic, which is why for the early stages of their evolution they were hunted and considered weak. Now humans are considered to be the greatest users of magic, able to learn a large variety of different magic types and even having developed new inventions from magic usage.

Great inventions that can be attributed to magic are the usage of electricity, simple magnetic and lightning magic with a few containment spells thrown in- of course containment spells can have small cracks in their shells so everyone must be careful when playing with electricity. Then there are telephones and radio broadcasts which are the work of fine-tuned sound magic and a little electricity thrown in to monitor and help control the delicate work. Indeed much of human innovation has only been made possible by magic.

Of course it is still debatable if humans are the greatest users and masters of magic, after all it is hard to gauge such a thing when you have no means of knowing just how much the other animals know. Yes there is magic for communicating with animals, animal species have been using this magic for ages to discuss between themselves certain matters (how else do you explain the symbiotic relationships between certain species). Alas even when humans use this magic they find that most animal species are unwilling to share their knowledge with them.

And then there are the magical creatures of the world; unicorns and dragons are the most popular examples. These majestic creatures have long been thought to possess a greater understanding of magic then humans, alas it has not yet been confirmed as humans who encounter these creatures often meet unsavoury ends and none have yet made it back to civilisation to share their knowledge.

This has been a brief excerpt from Magic Throughout the Ages, the foremost textbook for magic related studies.

Words: 455 words (so a little over the normal 10% margin I allow myself but I hope you all enjoyed it.)


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