Wednesday Prompt Smash: Just like the stories foretold

A/N: Tim’s stuff

Prompt: Just like the stories foretold

Word Limit: 500 words

It was all rather unnerving, nobody likes knowing their fate especially not when they are without a doubt certain that the fate they have been told cannot be correct.

“Look again seer, that can’t be right.” Protested the young Princess Amariy, “It just can’t.”

“Fine, I will look once more.” The seer was a very patient woman who had learnt long ago that nobody is willing to just accept their fate. She focused her gaze upon her crystal ball and raised her hands above the revealing tome. “Show me the fate of Princess Amariy of Meliantha, writ into page must her future be, a great and daring story for all to read.”

The revealing tome glowed and images flickered through the crystal ball, it was all very enchanting. And then at last all was still and the seer turned her gaze to the princess. “It is done, read the tome and the stories will foretell your fate.”

Princess Amariy snatched up the tome and began to read:

Upon the princess’ eighteenth name day her path will become intertwined with another’s, announced it will be and they shall be wed. A kingdom of thorns and lies shall she bed as her heart strays from whom it is wed, dark tales and foul deeds not to be said adultery the least of crimes that be said.

A silver tongue queen shall she be, when her love turns to ash in her mouth a bitter pill to swallow. For her heart torn asunder shall the blame fall on the one she called lover a demon in disguise. And so shall it be for her sin all hell shall arise.

“Its exactly the same as it was before, this cannot be right I shall not accept it!” Screamed the Princess throwing the tome out the tower window and storming off, leaving the seer behind.


A few years later Princess Amariy celebrated her name day and betrothal to Prince Mallen of Theivor, she wasn’t particularly interested in Mallen though- it was simply an arranged marriage. She was much more interested in Mallen’s sister Beatrice whose sultry smiles and soft touches left her body tingling.

As their marriage went forth and she moved from Meliantha to the thorny kingdom of Theivor, Amariy found herself even more attracted to Beatrice and it was not long before she found herself in a sultry tryst with her new sister in-law. Beatrice would whisper many sweet nothings to Amariy and soon Amariy found she would do almost anything for Beatrice, anything.

It was only a few years after her marriage to Mallen that the King of Theivor died, assassinated by Amariy though no one would ever know. And so it was she became Queen Amariy of Theivor, a queen who excelled with lies. Especially lies about death, yes she would master those after Beatrice told her to kill Mallen, it was necessity.

Then on the third anniversary of Mallen’s death it occurred, Beatrice refused her lover Amariy and laughed and cackled and the world shook as the earth split apart and demons arose. And then with an ash taste in her mouth Amariy knew fate was always just as the stories foretold.

Words: 533 words


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