Wednesday Prompt Smash: Christmas Elves

A/N: I’d like to apologise for missing last weeks entry, but after completing NANOWRIMO I was feeling a bit writing fatigued. As per usual if you want to check out Tim’s work go here.

Prompt: Christmas Elves

Word Limit: 750 words

The workshop was a messy place, with toys all over the floor and wrapping paper everywhere. There was also the tree branches, the broken glass, the ornaments and the wood shavings. In the far corner there was always a pine tree, hence there were always tree branches and pinecones in the workshop. The pine tree had grown inside the workshop so it never died, it was covered in ornaments- 12 distinct coloured orbs for the 12 months of the year, 365 small glass figures for each day of the year and 200 Christmas hat shaped ornaments for each elf in the workshop.

As you can guess from this information the workshop was massive. It contained wood carving benches, metal work benches, painting sectors and now with the new technological age it contained a production line for those hard to make toys and consoles, and a computer desk for those techno wonders. At first the elves had been sceptical of the new technology, after all they were used to crafting everything by hand, but Santa had assured them it was only for new items which the elves couldn’t make.

Of course a few of the elves had to take courses to learn how to work the production line, five of them to be exact, and a few more had to learn about computers and games, programming and coding, three elves were chosen for that task. These Christmas helpers were dubbed the tech elves, though Santa always referred to them as IT support- Santa was always using terminology that the elves were unfamiliar with. However because the elves never seemed to grasp modern society, even when trained with technology, Santa introduced a TV in the workshop break room which constantly played modern television shows.

Outside of the workshop was where one could find the elven village, it wasn’t all gingerbread houses like the Christmas stories but rather tree houses with joining bridges and rope ladders down to the ground- like a high fantasy elven city. The workshop was on the ground just in case you were wondering, it was in a clearing in the pine forest, it may not be in the North Pole. The elven village was usually deserted as the elves were almost always working in the work shop, tinkering away and resting in the break room if they needed sleep (there were twenty beds in the break room to accommodate sleepy elves). However on Christmas day Santa would tell all the elves to go home and celebrate another year well done, they would protest that they needed to start work for the next year but Santa would win eventually.

So on Christmas day the elven village was alight with fairy lights and laughter, there would be a big feast with roast ham and turkey and every other delectable food you could desire. The Christmas elves would laugh and dance and then retire early in anticipation of going back to work. Christmas elves you see are very hard working and work orientated, they don’t ever really want to rest because they enjoy what they do so much. Of course other elven species are not like this and should not be confused with Christmas elves.

There is a lot of variety in Christmas elves compared to other elven species. Christmas elves can come in an array of sizes, short or tall, skinny or fat, whereas other elves are usually tall and slender. In fact Christmas elves also have mixed skin colours and hair types, they are theorised to have roots from all the other elven species and possibly a little human in there too.

Christmas elves have up standing morals and work as a team, they wear their workshop uniforms with pride every single day. Do not be confused though there is a series of bathrooms in the workshop and the elves keep up hygienic practices every single day, there is also a laundry room and each elf is issued at least twenty uniforms for usage.

Their uniform was of course the standard red and green Christmas colours, some of the older elves had gold and silver trimmings on their hats. The uniform consisted of a Christmas hat (red with trimming indicative of rank), red and white striped long sleeve shirt (with green vest over the top), red stockings and green shoes with the pointy ends and bells on the toe.


Word count: 730 words


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