Wednesday Prompt Smash: Mirror, mirror

A/N: Had a lot of fun with this week’s prompt, check out Tim’s work: Here.

Prompt: “Mirror, Mirror on the wall”

Word Limit: 350 words

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

“Why it is none other than you, fair Snow White.”

Snow White grinned a wicked Cheshire cat’s grin as the mirror answered her in its deep booming voice. “Perfect.”

Meanwhile the palace servants bustled about in their daily duties, preparing the castle for yet another ball. It would be an extravagant affair, the large banquet table was being laid and the ballroom chandeliers dusted for cobwebs, it would be the finest party in all the land. Of course every week there was another ball, banquet, feast, tourney or masquerade, as had become commonplace since the prince’s father past and he rose to be king and his young bride to queen.

“Queen Snow White” the servants would say in reverence as she passed by, coming down from her tower to overview the party preparations. It wasn’t the kind of reverence that came with love though; no it was the type that came from a softly gnawing fear at the back of one’s mind. Snow White didn’t care if they liked her or not, she had at first but then she had stopped caring- the prince (now king) loved her and was utterly devoted to her and that was all she required.

The King (formerly prince) spent most of his time in the study or riding in the country side, sometimes he might visit villagers to see if he could help his people. However on the party days he was to be found in the courtyard helping the servants trim the hedges, or by his queen’s side whispering sweet nothings and compliments to her beauty. Snow White owned him, heart and soul.

And yet she found herself growing bored and tired of her charming husband, so she had concocted the parties as tests to his fidelity and covers to her infidelity. Most would think this petty and fickle hearted manner had always been a part of Queen Snow White, but the truth of the matter was she had once been a kind hearted and sweet girl. Indeed she had only changed so greatly since she had been sent that mirror, a wedding gift/inheritance left by her long dead step-mother.


Word count: 369 words


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