Wednesday Prompt Smash: Times you can get lost in

A/N: Tim’s work

Prompt: Times you can get lost in

Word Limit: 300 words

Winifred Lockseer was the foremost temporal navigation expert at the Chronological Consortium (CC for short). She was quick witted, well balanced and highly knowledgeable of instance rips and the eras they led into.

Manifred Wineheart was the exact opposite of Winifred Lockseer. He was clumsy, a consistently unprepared person and quite frankly it was a mystery as to how he had gained membership with the CC. So of course the consistently remarked of as cursed and unlucky, Abraham Linch, was assigned Manifred Wineheart for his partner.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but as luck, or rather misfortune, would have it Linch and Wineheart were selected in a random draw to investigate a linked set of instance rips.  Linch had been hopeful that things would at least go smoothly for the first leg of the journey, which had been overly optimistic of him.

Arriving at the instance rip was the only part of the investigation that went smoothly; once they made contact with the rip everything went wibbly wobbly. Upon making contact with the rip they should have been pulled through to the age of the Roman Empire, somehow in the split instant that they were in the time stream Wineheart had done something and managed to land them in the Ming Dynasty (not that Wineheart was able to tell that). Poor, sweet Abraham Linch was completely and utterly lost upon their arrival, he had prepared maps and familiarised himself with them but only for the regions and periods through which they were meant to be travelling through.

In the end the only thing that saved Linch and Wineheart from dying in the Ming Dynasty was the unmentioned rebelliousness and entitled personality of Winifred Lockseer who followed after them without their noticing.

“And that my young temporal practitioners is why it is of the upmost importance you strive not to get stuck in a time which you are unprepared for, because Winifred Lockseer passed away 3 years ago and no one will be there to bail you out.”

Word count: 339 words



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