Wednesday Prompt Smash: Poachers

A/N: Tim’s work

Prompt: Poachers

Word Limit: 250 words

Al was a curious fellow, always exploring the forest. He had a taste for fresh, wild ingredients, a wanderlust and insatiable thirst for knowledge. Days would be spent with him running around the region, across meadows and up mountains, over streams and down slopes.

His eyes would light up every time he saw something new and his seldom visited corner of the world always made him yearn to meet new people. Yes his loving, tender family were a timid lot but not Al, Al wanted to learn everything in the world. That was perhaps why he followed the men who came to the forest.

The very first day that he saw them he was intrigued by these strangers, stepping softly around the forest. These bizarre men with their strange sticks, Al was obsessed with them from that very first look. He would follow them every day by staying just out of sight; watch them as they tracked the animals of the forest as they searched for something. But what were they searching for? Al needed to know, so he followed.

Day and night Al would watch them from his hiding place in the shadows. That is until the day he stepped on a twig, it snapped abruptly and loudly. Then the men saw Al, and then Al found out about the strange sticks and how they went boom… and then Al was dead.

The men looked down at the body of the huge white stag, astonished at their luck for they had surely thought their hunt would be fruitless.

Word count: 260 words


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