Wednesday Prompt Smash: Battered old photograph

A/N: Tim’s work

Prompt: Battered old photograph

Word Limit: 500 words

Elise was an old woman, getting near 90 years of age; she had wrinkles and frown lines. Her long white hair was rather thin and waspy, and her smile was extremely crooked. She had lived a long life, not a particularly good one she thought but a long one.

Back when she had been a little girl she had dimples, rosy cheeks and a million dollar smile. Her parents had doted on her something fierce, always wearing nice dresses in soft pastels and shoes with buckles and ribbons. That had been a happy time; childhood had been good to her.

Her parents had been good to her, always wanting the very best for their only child. All through elementary school she had been given the very best and everyone could tell, but then times had gotten hard for her parents and while they wanted her to have only the best of things it just wasn’t feasible. When she entered secondary school she had been given the normal quality, she had been sent to a public school and given a uniform. It was a downgrade but not wholly unpleasant as her parents focused more energy on spending time with her to let her know she was loved.

The later years of her adolescence had been markedly more difficult then childhood. Her father had gotten lung cancer and her mother was trying her hardest to earn enough money for his care and for them to live on. This meant cutbacks, no new clothes or uniforms and no sweets or toys- clothes would have to be mended by Elise if they got torn. And so for her final years at school Elise had worn the same old uniform that was a size too small and had patched up tears and a crooked hemline, she took a bagged lunch and stayed late to finish her studies.

This had all been bearable, until her father past away just before her graduation. After that Elise didn’t feel like going on to further study, even though her mother offered to send her (money be damned her mother still wanted the best for her). No rather than go to a college and study she chose to start working at a diner. It was working there that had let her meet Teddy.

Theodore Montiv was a joker, he was a happy chap and he made Elise smile. He mightn’t have been more than a dish-boy but he was sweet and kind and he took good care of her. She’d been so happy when he proposed, been right down giddy when she told her friends she was getting married.

They’d only been married a couple of months when the war started, only had a few more weeks together before Teddy had been conscripted. She’d only gotten to be Mrs Montiv for barely a year before she became Widow Montiv.

Now she’d been Widow Montiv for about 67 years and she was lying on her deathbed, cradling her most treasured possession. It was yellowed around the edges and creased down the middle, there was a tea stain on the back and a slight rip on the bottom left corner but boy it was a lovely memory.

‘I’ll be with you soon Teddy.’

Word count: 541 words


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