Wednesday Prompt Smash: All Alone

A/N: Tim’s work

Prompt: All Alone

Word Limit: 400 words

Darkness, endless darkness, air flowing to nowhere and vision rendered useless. The void was a vast expanse of nothingness just as its name suggested. Dankness, perpetual cold seeping into the skin, no smells or sounds just cold air and endless darkness. Nothing mattered anymore inside the void, nothing had ever mattered in the void, there was nothing in the void.

Nothing except me, one solitary form in the void, one physical mass of particles that existed pointlessly in the void. I was cold, the void was cold, nothingness is cold. What purpose did I have? Why did I exist? Where was I? Had I ever been anywhere else? All alone in the void my thoughts gnawed at me, tore into every fibre of me and gnashed at existence.

There was no movement in the void, no movement except the ebb and flow of time, the flowing of the air and the endless, perpetual floating of my mass through the space. The void was never ending, there was no in or out and there was no backwards or forwards, there was only darkness.

I am tired, with nothing to do but float through the void I had become lethargic. It did not matter if my eyes were open or closed, did I even truly have eyes? Was this endless dark a form of blindness? I think not for while I hear nothing, see nothing and smell nothing I can feel and it feels as if I have eyes and that they can open and close. However I suppose you can be blind even with eyes, but surely then something would still change when they open and close, truly at least the tones of darkness should change?

Void and more void, no light, no stars, no warmth. Is there anything more than the void? There cannot be for surely then I would see something? I do not feel that anything exists beyond the void there is no beyond.

I wonder what I am? What do I look like? I have felt my face and form but I do not know to what my features belong, all I know is the void, all I have ever known is the void. It is lonely in the void, tiresome and lonely, but I have only ever known this loneliness as there are no other physical masses in the void. I am all alone.

Word Count: 398 words



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