Wednesday Prompt Smash: Power Outage

A/N: Tim’s work

Prompt: Power Outage

Word Limit: 150 words

“This is the literal worst.” Casey states as she floats past Kevin on her unicorn lilo.

“Yeah.” Kevin responded.

“Ugh, its sooo hot!” Rena’s voice came booming out of the house .

“Totally.” Kevin replied, not that she would hear him.

“I can’t believe there is a power outage on my one day off, urgh so typical.” Rena comes storming out of the house and glowers at her housemates who are chilling in the pool.


“URGH, I’m coming in. Casey you better not hog the lilo.” Rena screams before stamping inside to change into her bathing suit.

“This is like the worst day ever.” Casey says as she kicks her feet back and forth in the water.

“I know right, I was looking forward to hitting up the arcade.” Kevin says in response.

“Speak for yourselves losers, I was scheduled to work today. Total cosmic alignment, power outage on the perfect day.” Rena lays back happily on the unicorn lilo as her housemates watch from the pool edge.


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