Songs Into Stories 3: Shots by Imagine Dragons

“I’m sorry, sorry for everything I’ve done.” My hand trembles on the trigger, slowly I squeeze it tight and after the bang sounds out I regret it.


“Father forgive me for I have sinned.” Confession is not a way to alleviate the guilt you feel, but it is a way to lift some weight from your shoulders.

“How have you sinned?”

“I have committed one of the gravest sins known to man, I have taken the life of another.”

“Whose life did you take?”

“My mother’s, she died the moment I was born. And also possibly the woman I love, my wife’s… I’m not sure. It seems like from the second I was born I had a loaded gun.”


“Why don’t you go see her? I’m sure she’d listen to you and understand, I’m sure she’d forgive you.”

“No, I’d just mess things up… I’m thinking I’ll write her a letter to explain. She’ll be safer without me in her life, I just seem to shoot a hole through everything I love.”

“Alright, if that’s what you want, just remember you can always change your mind…”


‘Dear Margery,

I’m sorry for everything, everything I’ve done. From the second I was born it seems I had a loaded gun and I’ve shot a hole through every single thing that I loved. I wish I could be with you but I can’t have you, I’m only gonna do you wrong.

You know the roadside café we used to go to? I never worked there like I told you I did, I just wanted to seem like a good person. I suppose some part of me hoped that by being with you I could escape from who I was and let the past drift away. That’s not the only lie I told you though, remember the bay side that you used to perform at? That wasn’t the first place I saw you, I saw you before then when I was trying to escape from my home life at the train station.

I’m sorry, I should have known from the start I’d mess this up. It’s just my luck that I wound up hurting you. I’m sorry I never meant to shoot you.’

Tears fell on parchment in the quiet hospital room.


“Where did you find the body?”

“Well we found part of it at the roadside and the other part at the bay side. Poor fool must of gotten involved in something too big for them to handle.”

“Can I, can I have a moment alone with my husband’s body?”

“Sure.” The officer left the paraplegic woman alone in the morgue with the roughly stitched back together body.

“Love can you hear me?” She whispered to the corpse, “I suppose this time you were missing that loaded gun, if only you could have shot a hole through something you didn’t love.”

Slowly she pulled a cover over the body.

“I forgive you.”

She slowly wheeled her way out of the room.



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