Wednesday Prompt Smash: Moral Dilemma

Prompt: Moral Dilemma

Word Limit: 100 Words

I guess a lot of super heroes deal with moral dilemmas, I mean they kind of have to right? Or maybe they just know instinctively what is black and what is white, maybe they don’t see all the grey. But that doesn’t really matter does it, if they deal with moral dilemmas or not? What matters is what I’m going to do in regards to the moral dilemma I’m facing right this instance.

I have two options here, I can cut the rope and save myself from a nasty situation or I can cut Jeanne’s rope and save her from her life of servitude. Better make up my mind quick, or else we’ll both be stuck.

Words: 116

A/N: 100 words was not even close to enough words for me to do this prompt justice. Check out Tim’s work over at


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