Wednesday Prompt Smash: Bean Bag Rounds

A/N: A little late with this one. Don’t forget to check out Tim’s writing over on

Prompt: Beanbag rounds

Word Limit: 300 words

There are a few things that you become thankful for in a rebellion, a zombie rebellion that isn’t really a zombie rebellion when they technically aren’t after your brains but are just kind of mind controlled zombies. One of those things is bean bag rounds, non-lethal shots are great when you want to knock somebody down but not kill them, which is kind of what you want when the participants of a rebellion are non-consenting. That said sometimes you wish that you were using lethal rounds, especially when despite your best efforts a few zombies manage to break through the barricade and one of them proceeds to attempt to strangle you to death.

Strangulation is not the way you want to go, it is not the way anyone wants to go, and generally nobody wants to go. Of course there are a few ways to get out of a strangle hold, none of which are really that necessary to go into details on because frankly I’m not too sure what the details are- I just know I got out of it somehow. And when you are in the midst of combat against zombie state people who are only concerned with killing the best plan is to retreat to the next blockade, which is exactly what I did after retrieving my shotgun.

Legging it down a corridor, jumping over random turned over objects and not screaming parkour, skidding through an opened doorway and then slamming the door shut. Proceeding to leg it until I see other members of my anti-rebellion task force, getting set behind the blockade and aiming my gun at the doorway. Nothing is ever easy when you’re trying not to hurt the people attacking you, but at least you’re trying to do the right thing.

Words: 297 words



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