Wednesday Prompt Smash: Alien mating ritual

A/N: Hope everyone enjoys this week’s piece! Don’t forget to check out Tim’s work over at Flights of Fantasy.

Prompt: Alien Mating Ritual

Word Limit: 300 words

“What have you discovered of the aliens, Dr Bhatna?” The commander step into place beside the good doctor to stare at the alien specimens, kept within a specially designed containment facility designed to replicate their local environment.

Dr Bhatna raised her hand to the one way glass window, pressing her digits to the cool surface.

“They are a very peculiar species sir, they have a large range for communication and yet a limited usage- at times they are unable to understand one another’s messages. Sometimes they seem highly intelligent and then at other times they seem to be a completely irrational species.”

“And, what abilities has their environment caused them to evolve?” asked the commander, shifting his gaze from the specimens to the doctor.

The doctor met his gaze and held it.

“That’s the thing, they have evolved minimally. Normally creatures surrounded by such an environment would be expected to evolve a form of camouflage, especially considering their in-fighting tendencies. They truly are fascinating, they have a tendency to be solitary creatures and yet have an ingrained pack mentality.”

Dr Bhatna exited the shared gaze by shifting her eyes back to the specimens.

“Interesting, and what of this act that two of our specimens are currently engaging in?” Also refocused on the specimens the commander points to a couple of the aliens in a closed off section of the containment.

“Oh, from our observations this seems to be part of a rather complex mating ritual. Would you like me to brief you on it sir?”

“Yes, please enlighten me as to why the try to meld their faces together.”

“Its an act they call kissing, it is a way for them to assess suitable partners and to instigate a mating ritual. I will cover it all in my paper on the homo sapiens.”


Word count: 303 words

A/N: What do you think of the twist at the end? Did it surprise you? I’d love to hear any and all thoughts on this week’s piece.


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