Wednesday Prompt Smash: Off a cliff

A/N: Pure dialogue this one, hope you enjoy. And be sure to check out Tim over on Flights of Fantasy, he doesn’t update much but he’s got some good stuff there.

Prompt: Off a cliff

Word Limit: 300 words

“You want me to do what?”



“It is not a difficult task, I do not understand why you are so exasperated.”

“Not a difficult task, you want me to jump off a freaking cliff!”

“Yes, it is rather simple.”

“I can’t even, I cannot even deal with this, how can you just straight face ask me to do this?”

“You seek to obtain the Meridian Mirror, yes?”


“Then jump off the cliff,”

“How on Earth is jumping off a cliff towards my certain death going to help me exactly, please can you explain what on Earth makes you think I would do that?”

“The Meridian Mirror is in an underwater cavern, the cavern is not accessible through the water however, the only entrance juts out of the water quite a bit before sloping down. Hence the only way to access it is from above, you must jump off the cliff and correctly align yourself with the opening allowing you to land in the cave and search for the mirror. Once you have located the mirror you simply swim to the opening and pull yourself over the top to slide down into the ocean.”

“You cannot be serious, there is no way I am doing that.”

“Then you do not want the Meridian Mirror?”

“No, I mean yes I want the mirror but I’m not going to sacrifice my life for it.”

“There is a 12% chance you would be successful.”

“Yeah and a 88% chance I would DIE!”

“Those are better odds than if you were trying to obtain another celestial object, it is quite a simple task too considering how dangerous the task to obtain the other celestial items are.”

“Funnily enough that’s not motivation enough, I’m out. Maybe the next wayward adventure will take your task, but me- not a chance.”

Word count: 308 words


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