Wednesday Prompt Smash: Late Again

Prompt: Late Again

Word Limit: 200 words

Tony slid through the doors and sprinted for the clock in station, trying not to spill his venti caramel macchiato. He almost tripped over his own two feet as he punched his card, only to look at the clock and feel his heart plummet. Even with setting his alarm clock to go off an hour earlier, speeding along the highway and bribing an old granny to let him cut in front of her at Starbucks he was still late to work.

Shoulders drooping and head hung in resignation he sips the hot caramel beverage before heading into the office.

“Tony Argento, Late… Again.”

Patricia Hawkner, aka the workplace truant officer, eyes him with scorn as he walks in.

“Sorry boss, I’m working on getting in sooner… but the traffic is killer.”

Tony had given up on the old ‘won’t happen again’ apology as he knew it wasn’t likely to be true and his boss wouldn’t believe him anyway.

“Sure it is, that’s why you always have a fresh Starbuck’s coffee in hand every morning because you’re trapped in traffic.”

He winced a little, to be truthful the Starbuck’s was just across the street from him but if he did cut out that visit he’d probably have an extra ten minutes to work on getting into work early.

Word Count: 217 words          

A/N: Check out Tim over at Flights of Fantasy!


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