Wednesday Prompt Smash: Worst Headache Ever

A/N: A little twisted this week. Check out Tim over on Flights of Fantasy!

Prompt: Worst Headache Ever

Word Limit: 400 words

My head is throbbing, my hands are trembling and just my body in general is shaking. I feel like I have a fever, it’s so hot and my brain feels like it’s going to explode. Slowly I crack open my eyes, white nowhere near pristine plaster with hundreds of cracks in it. I try to prop myself up and change my view from ceiling to wall, weird peach coloured wall.

As I stare down the disturbingly coloured wall I try to recall what happened, why I am lying here in this unfamiliar bed? Blank, I’m drawing a complete blank and my whole body hurts as if I’m bruised all over. I try again to lift myself up a little more, I try to get out of the bed and as my legs swing over the side I lose balance and fall to the floor. If I thought I was in pain before then I am in agony now.

The floor is grey and mottled with various stains, this is one filthy room is all I can think to myself. I can feel a strong pain in my arm accompanying the throbbing in my head. Looking at my arm I can see a needle stuck into the skin and a long tube connecting to it, my eyes follow the tube to the bedside and up into a bag of clear liquid.

“What the hell happened last night?” I manage to croak out what my brain is thinking, though doing so seems to intensify my brain pain.

My vision is kind of blurry since I fell on the floor and I can’t seem to locate a door. I try once more to recall what I had been doing the night before, still drawing a blank with my head pulsing in a tormenting rhythm.

“Hello, is anyone here?” I try to raise my voice to a level that outsiders could hear, though my throat is dry and my voice comes out raspy.

I strain my ears hoping to hear something other than the pulsating of my brain; my head feels ready to burst. Not hearing anything, vision still spotty I reach for the needle deciding to pull it out.

Sheer agony courses through my body, my voice screams out and my body shakes uncontrollably. My head feels like it is being ripped apart and I black out.

Word count: 398 words


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