Wednesday Prompt Smash: Extra Strength

A/N: Sorry this is a day late. Check out Tim on Flights of Fantasy, and hope you enjoy this week’s piece.

Prompt: Extra Strength

Word Limit: 250 words

‘It’s hard being surrounded by super heroes day in and day out. In the world where everyone is extraordinary being a hero is ordinary, being a super hero that’s the goal. Super heroes are more than extraordinary; they are above and beyond what anyone could ever hope to be.

So then how do super heroes become so super? How can they exist if it’s so hard to become one?

That’s easy, take SUPA Pills. SUPA- Strength Ultra Productive Activator Pills, they’ll tap into your inner power and give you EXTRA STRENGTH!

Be a SUPA Hero!’

The holographic projector glitches to make the iconic Captain Strong’s face look pixelated as Mars Inferno is thrown through it.

“Ugh,” Mars Inferno grunts as she hits the wall.

“Hey!” Phobos Flame yells at The Demolisher, grasping his attention before he can go to finish off Mars Inferno. “Over here you big dumb-dumb!”

As Phobos Flame distracts The Demolisher, Deimos Flare searches for something to help Mars Inferno. Deimos ruffles through her bag searching until her hands grasp a plastic medicine bottle, she pulls it from the bag.

“I wasn’t planning on taking these, I know you think they’re dumb but not everyone is strong and brave like you Mars… and it’s not like you can really judge- if I use these I might be strong enough to save you, they could give me extra strength.” Deimos mutters to Mars’ unconscious form as she pops a few SUPA Pills into her mouth.

“Here goes nothing,”

Word Count: 250 words

A/N: Sorry for the cliff hanger, honestly I’m itching to write more but I have a limit to adhere to. Though this has been great practice and inspiration for another project I’m working on at the moment!


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