Wednesday Prompt Smash: The Hyperion is ready

Prompt: The Hyperion is ready

Word Limit: 500 words

A/N: So this prompt was a tad difficult as I needed to research Hyperion and you know what I found? Lots, a Greek god, a moon of Saturn, a racehorse, a software company, a tree in California, a ship and a dozen other things called Hyperion. So for the sake of this story imagine a fantasy world dominated by naval force. Check out Tim’s work on Flights of Fantasy, without further ado the story:

“Captain, I thought you’d be resting in bed this morning,” Jonas the boatswain remarked as I approached, “what with that injury you took and all.”

“Jonas, a bullet graze is hardly going to keep me bedridden. And it definitely won’t keep me shore bound.” I smirked as I boarded the ship.

“Aye, I know that Captain but what with the Admiral’s orders that we stay in port till your full recovery, I thought you’d at least spend the time with your family.”

I chuckle a little, “Jonas, this ship is my family. The Hyperion is like my child and the sea she is my mistress, the navy my wife whom I’m honour bound to love and serve. Those people on the shore, in that house, they’re just decorations.”

“That’s a rather cold approach Captain, but I won’t judge. What brings you aboard today? I’m just having the crew run maintenance.” Jonas says he won’t judge but I can feel the judgment in his gaze, wondering how anyone can look upon fellow humans as mere decorations.

To be honest I’ve always been this way, born and raised on the ocean by my father who was a travelling merchant. In my teens I slowly came to fall in love with the navy, I wanted to sail the seas for adventure and to know of justice and glory. Before long I was wearing the Captain’s badge and manning my own ship and crew.

Around that time when I first became Captain I was wed to a commissioner’s daughter, she had been taken with me for a while and her father thought it a suitable match considering my status. I had no reason to object to the match and so we were wed, of course I was grateful as that match allowed me the funds to truly invest in the Hyperion. My wife is oft miffed with my cold nature, spending months on the sea and every day in port working on the ship, but truly I could not care less.

“I’m here to check the charts with sailing master Leone, she said she had our next course prepared and that the Admiral had briefed her on where we are travelling to once I’ve recovered. I would like to know the details myself.” To be truthful Leone had asked me to join her for a drink at the tavern, but I had insisted whatever she wanted to talk about should be done on the ship… to be truthful I was merely hoping it was to do with the charts and not something else.

“Well Captain the Hyperion is ready whenever you are, we look forward to your swift recovery.” Jonas smiled as I headed off to my on ship quarters.

“Don’t worry Jonas, I know the Hyperion is ready. I’ll be ready soon, too.” I whisper to myself as I enter my quarters, no injury could ever keep me from the sea.

Word Count: 488 words


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