Saturday Word of the Day: Prink

*Prink: to fuss over one’s dress, especially before the mirror.

Delilah wasn’t one to be called vain, she was a modest beauty. Though if you were to stumble into her home on a Thursday evening you might feel otherwise seeing her prink, adjusting her hair and trying on every type of outfit before settling down for dinner. But you couldn’t hold that little shred of vanity against her, all women like to prink a little, especially when it was the only night that her beloved Angelina could join her for dinner.

Don’t you always want to look your best for the person you love?



17 thoughts on “Saturday Word of the Day: Prink

  1. Ha, I love that word, I have never heard of it either!! I think I’ll use it all day today…”what are you doing”, “oh I’m prinking”…
    Great story and used well in it!! I found you at Jackie’s party, looking forward to reading more of your posts later…I’m must go prink now!! 😉

  2. It looks like none of us thus far have hear of the word prink–good one. I’ll have to add it to my list of seldom used words that I like to test on my friends. I too found you at Jackie’s party!! 🙂

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