Wednesday Prompt Smash: Ready to Go

A/N: Don’t forget to check out Tim’s work over at Flights of Fantasy.

Prompt: Ready to go

Word Limit: 350 words

“Ready to go, Reg?”

“Ready to go, Nige.”

The two teenagers fist bump before pulling goggles over their faces and light up a set of blowtorches.  Setting to work on a metal frame the two heat up and weld sections together, at times one will put down their blowtorch and twist and turn parts around. After an hour or so they stop, stepping back to look at their handiwork.

“Alright Reg, looks like we’re done.”

“Too right Nige, let’s roll out.”

Reggie and Nigel move to behind the metal frame and begin pushing the platform it is on out the door.

“This is going to be awesome,”


As they push their work down the street passers-by give them odd looks, trying to figure out exactly what the metal frame is. Reggie and Nigel pay no mind to what the onlookers say and continue on their way, their destination firmly set in their minds.

There is a serious of gasps as the scruffy looking teenagers in torn jeans and paint speckled shirts enter through the exhibition hall doors, followed by a few sighs of relief.

“Hey, what’s up? Everyone ready to go?” Nigel says as way of greeting while he and Reggie push the platform into the middle of the room.

“Sorry we’re late, didn’t know how long this would take us.”  The platform in the middle of the room, Reggie motions for the crowd to gather round.

From the crowd a well-groomed boy emerges and passes a set of microphones to Reggie and Nigel.

“Thanks Terry,” The duo says in unison. Turning on their microphones they give each other a fist bump before Nigel starts.

“First we’d like to thank all of you for coming out today,”

“It means a lot that everyone would take time out of their busy schedules to come and see our exhibit.”

“And secondly, we’d like to introduce you to our latest piece”

“Metal Twist, another Dualison twins original.”

“As you all may or may not be aware, tonight’s exhibit is also a silent auction for charity.”

“Now get bidding!”

Word count: 347 words


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