Wednesday Prompt Smash: Virus

Prompt: Virus

Word Limit: 500 words

A/N: For the sake of this prompt I’m going to be making a clarification and inputting a definition for virus. As you may be aware in the modern age the term virus is used for many things, a viral disease or a computer virus are completely different so I feel the need to clarify that for the sake of this story I will be taking the prompt to mean a viral disease spread between humans specifically. For further verification the definition I am using for Virus is this-

Virus: an ultramicroscopic (20 to 300 nm in diameter), metabolically inert, infectious agent that replicates only within the cells of living hosts, mainly bacteria, plants, and animals: composed of an RNA or DNAcore, a protein coat, and, in more  complex types, a surrounding envelope.

I felt delirious with fever, my skin burning red hot. My vision was blurring, slowly becoming more and more fuzzy, as if I was having blood taken. I couldn’t make out my surroundings but the shifting blobs I assumed were people, doctors maybe but who could tell. And then suddenly it was all black and my consciousness was gone.

“Patient is not responding.” The nurse looks worried, frightened even. “We should stop, we’ve taken more than enough blood to analyse.”

“Fine, remove the needle then.” I’m too busy to care; this is just one of many patients, one who won’t even be missed. Who cares if their life is lost if it can bring us even a step closer to understanding this aggressive new virus?

“Ok.” The nurse makes a quick job of removing the needle and cleaning up, before quickly scurrying out of the room with some of the samples. She may be hesitant about my extreme methods but she’s at least smart enough to carry out her task and make sure these methods aren’t for nothing.

The doctor is a scary man, there is something cold to his calculating gaze and something twisted to his smirk. Every time I have to work with him my skin breaks out in Goosebumps, but it beats the alternative of standing by hopelessly watching while this virus ravages the world.

I have to hurry and get the blood samples to the lab, my feet create echoes in the long and empty corridor. As I approach the lab entrance I am nervous, the doctor is peculiar and terrifying but the lab workers they are almost inhuman.

*Knock, Knock* There is a feverishly fast paced knocking on the door, someone is in a hurry. I don’t answer though; my eyes are trained on a sample in my microscope. I can hear the scuffing and shuffling of one of my co-workers pushing out their chair and moving to answer the door.

There is murmuring at the door which if I wanted to I could strain my ears to hear, but I am far too engrossed with the inexplicably savage nature of what is occurring within my sample. It was a perfectly healthy sample before I added a drop of infected blood, and now through the microscope I watch entranced as the virus lashes out and begins to destroy the very essence of the sample, it is both beautifully mesmerising and undeniably horrifying.

“Please insert the new blood samples carefully into the hazardous material slot, there they will gently slide into a containment box for us to retrieve.”

“Can’t you just open the door and retrieve them?” The nurse fidgets behind the viewing panel, off-put by our specially crafted hazmat suits I suppose.

“No ma’am I cannot. We cannot risk even a single breach in the lab, our work is important and we cannot risk contamination.” She gives a resigned sigh and moves to put the samples into the hazardous material slot. “Please inform the doctor we are thankful for his cooperation, and hope to come up with a cure soon.”

I nod to the researcher, and as I slide the materials into the slot I feel something prick against my finger. Looking down I feel faint and horrified to see the blood welling on my fingertip, I must treat and sterilise this wound at once, I do not wish to be another victim of this cruel virus.

Word count: 577 words (whoops a little over the normal 10% allowance)

A/N: don’t forget to check out Tim’s stuff over on Flights of Fantasy


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