Wednesday Prompt Smash: Howling in the distance

A/N: Not my best work this week, went a little over the limit and also rushed the ending. Don’t forget to check out Tim’s work.

Prompt: Howling in the distance

Word Limit: 350 words

“It was a cold, windy night and Mathias Smith was working the graveyard shift at the old Shady Plots Cemetery. He was patrolling the graves when he thought he heard people talking near the old, oak tree. So Mathias decided to go and check it out, he zipped up his jacket nice and tight and flashlight in hand marched towards the tree.

‘Whoever is there you better come out right this minute, this is private property and there’s to be no trespassing so if you want to avoid any trouble you best come out here now.’ Mathias boomed as he got closer to the tree, still hearing whispering sounds, but nobody came out.

He could still hear the voices so he decided to walk around the tree and investigate, but on the other side there was still nobody there. Chalking it up to just hearing things he decided to leave it and go back to his patrol, and as he turned to walk away he felt a cold, bony touch on his shoulder.

Mathias whipped around to see who it was, but there was still nobody behind him, nothing there but the old oak tree. So he went back to his patrol, and after a few minutes he heard the voices again, back by the old oak tree”

“I don’t want to listen to ghost stories anymore!” Lucy yells out from her sleeping bag, hugging her teddy tight.

“But we were almost at the good part,” Cassidy softly places her torch on the log, “we can’t not finish the story.”

“He went back to the tree to investigate, a hand appeared out of the tree and grabbed him, before the tree could pull him in there was a howling in the distance and the tree returned to normal, ever since Mathias Smith has lived out his days as a wolf-protection advocate, the end.”

“Mira, you ruined it, you just took out all the suspense.”

“Lucy was scared and you wouldn’t let us go to sleep without finishing, problem solved, good night.” Mira promptly picked up her torch and smirked at her foolish friend before heading to her tent.


Word count: 358 words


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