Wednesday Prompt Smash: Preclusive Purchasing

Prompt: Preclusive Purchasing

Word Limit: 200 words

A/N: Whoops this is late, if you don’t know what Preclusive Purchasing is check out the Wikipedia entry here. And don’t forget to check out Tim’s work over at Flights of Fantasy.

The Imperial Army’s stock warehouse was filled to capacity, fit to burst at any time. There were hundreds of rations and warm uniforms, an excess of inventory stocked inside. Of course the Imperial Army didn’t need any of these items, no they had been purchased as a matter of principal.

The treacherous forces of their neighbouring country were proving to be quite the thorn in the Empire’s side; they had a plethora of soldiers and lacked reason. And so it had come to this, in order to reduce efficiency and hopefully cripple the enemy’s offensive.

Most of the soldiers in the Imperial Army were sceptical of the plan, they didn’t think it was any good and they certainly didn’t think it would work. Of course it’s not the opinions of the soldiers that matter, and as such the plan had been put into motion, slowly filling each and every Imperial Army warehouse to capacity.

And as the fifth month of preclusive purchasing ticked past  the soldiers of the Imperial Army were pleasantly surprised to notice the opposition’s numbers dwindling and their efforts become more and more futile.

Word count: 187 words


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