Saturday Word of the Day: Natatorium

Pool shot
Not a natatorium, but it is a swimming pool.

*Natatorium: a swimming pool, especially one that is indoors



Everyone watched in anticipation as the Olympians launched into the water, the natatorium was packed full of spectators. With bated breath the crowd watched as the swimmers rocketed through the water. Slowly chants and cheers escaped the lips of fans, and the natatorium which had been still with silence erupted in noise.

Journalists who were reporting live launched into booming spectator’s reports and then the noise rippled back into silence as the speakers called out a winner and the first swimmer pulled out of the pull.

And as the last swimmers finished there was cheering and a few sobs.

Within a few days the natatorium was back to public use, but still there was an energy there of greatness. Local children would splash about and race each other, crying out the names of the competitors they liked and pretending to be Olympic athletes.




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