Saturday word of the day: Terraqueous

*Terraqueous: consisting of land and water, as the Earth

For years we searched the galaxy, trying to find a livable terraqueous planet such as our big blue earth. For decades we pondered if we were alone in this vast universe, if all the other planets had done their laps and all the other galaxies had died. A terraqueous planet, we found but livable it was not. There is nowhere, nowhere like our home, rooted to this earth will we be for there is nowhere to go.

And then they came, searchers of the universe, wanderers of the stars. They came in peace, hoping they had found salvation only to have their hopes dashed when we finally managed to communicate. How disappointed they were to learn our terraqueous planet was dying, they had lost their home only to reach ours too late and find it was nearing the same fate.



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