Wednesday Prompt Smash: Mass Exodus

Prompt: Mass exodus

Word Limit: 200 words

A/N: So this was harder to write than I thought it would be, I really struggled to get inspired but hopefully this turns out ok. Please check out my pal Tim’s work over on Flights of Fantasy.

*Exodus: a mass departure of people

The citadel burned, flames licked the walls and crept their way into every crevice. Smoke plumed upwards and painted over the sky in thick grey clouds. And I watched as it all happened in quiet satisfaction, from my high tower.

Every last citizen of the citadel had left; they had all fled from my iron fist. My own people had called me a monster, a demon from the hell pits born to spread chaos that’s what they called me. So I set the city aflame and watched the horror on their faces, I knew they’d been planning to leave and if they were leaving why should they care that I was going to raze the city to the ground.

What fun it was watching as they all scampered to leave the city, what joy to see them scream as they run to depart the burning buildings. The entirety of the citadel’s population gone, rid from my sight and I didn’t even have to get my hands bloody. I took a long sip from my wine glass, revelling in its sweet taste that paired perfectly with the scent of burning and vision of delightful fire.


Word count: 197 words


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